The application management commands reside in, but you use the cli command flask to invoke application processes.

Running the Development Server

To run the development server, use flask runserver

$ flask runserver --help
Usage: flask runserver [OPTIONS]

  Shortcut to ``flask run``

  --reload  run application with livereload
  --help    Show this message and exit.

Optional args for runserver are:

  • --reload development server uses livereload (app runs on localhost:9999 by default)

The application still accepts a config overide via the env var: FLASK_CONFIG, so to start the application with your specified config use: FLASK_CONFIG=local.cfg flask runserver

Initialize Application Database

To initialize the database, use flask initdb. Currently there are no optional arguments to initdb.

$ flask initdb --help
Usage: flask initdb [OPTIONS]

  Creates the database tables.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

Running Tests

To run the unit tests, use pytest

$ py.test tests --verbose --cov --cov-report term-missing --flake8 application

- ``--verbose`` increases verbosity on py.test output
- ``--cov``  enables code coverage
- ``--flake8`` enables pep8 and pyflakes testing via `flake8`_